Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Marissa Larsen WROTE:
 1. Ancient Egyptians were black.
 2. Ancient Egypt was superior to other ancient civilizations.
 3. Egyptian culture had tremendous influence on the later cultures
     of Africa and Europe.
 4. There has been a vast racist conspiracy to prevent the
     dissemination of the evidence for these assertions.

Here is a list of Williams' observations:
In his book, The Destruction of Black Civilization, black scholar,
Chancellor Williams informs us that history has proven that a
number of tactics were employed by anthropologists to blot out
black accomplishments.

   1. "Ignore or refuse to publish any facts of African history" that would
          support their racial theories.
   2. "Create a religious and 'scientific' doctrine" to ease the white
        conscience for oppressing and enslaving African people.
   3. "Flood the world with hastily thrown together African 'histories'"
       that contain European perspectives only.
   4. "Start renaming people and places. Replace African names of
        persons, places, and things with Arabic and European names.
       " This will disguise their true black identity.
   5. Change the criteria for defining race. For example, one drop
       of Negro blood in America makes you a Negro, no matter how
       light your skin. When reporting ancient history, reverse the
       standard. Make one drop of white blood render someone a Caucasian
       no matter how dark the skin. (Test this criteria during the 
        "riding-at-    the-back-of the-bus" era of the South during the
      1940s in the USA. Be assured that any of the Pharaoh's of Egypt,
       especially up to and including the  25th Dynasty, would have been
      required to sit at the back of the bus.)
   6. When black participation in civilization is so obvious ,your best
       schemes can't hide it, find a way to attribute the success to outside
       white influence.
   7. When all the ancient historians contradict your theory, seek to
       discredit them.

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