Thursday, 27 September 2012


The economic system being implemented before and during colonial eras was aimed at systemically; destroying the fabric of Native Societies. The Native Societies structures are Native Kings, their charismatic, native elders and citizens. This form the bulk of domestic majority, reference bases (foundations) of real governments. The land, the waters, trees, minerals, the wild animals belong to these native people. The Native people have the right to economic fare share of 40% of profit for any business operating in these environments. The disappearance or accountability 0f this 40% share has led to destruction of the environments like in Ogoni Land in Nigeria, Mining sector in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Australia, Brazil and other third world counties, Social destruction of Native people;-poor housing, endemic diseases, poor dressing, cultivated hunger, enhanced death rate, injustices, and apartheid.  The deliberate policies to bypass, steal and withhold the 40% native share is speeding the doomsday for native people. This is ethnic native Cleansing using advanced criminal activity. We want this 40% now to manage survivals of native people. This can be traced since slavery, before colonial and after colonial days. Native people are not supposed to beg their own share, but it has to be given to them without any discussion like Oil mining in Nigeria, Congo, Malawi.Kayelekela Mines, and South African mine. This fare share should be as follows:

NATIVE PEOPLE’S SHARE                                   =40% OF PROFIT.
COMPANIES ENGAGED (foreign)                       =40% OF PROFIT.
BROKERS (THE IMAGINALY GVT)                      =15%  OF PROFIT.
LABOUR COSTS                                                 =5%    OF PROFIT.

This is the universal fare share, which should be applied anywhere in the world. So whatever international business agreement s the artificial gvts make, they should be aware that 40% share should go in the Native Peoples Account. Money collected in the churches, Mosques 40% share should go to Native Account for Native Social development.

Compiled by       Bishop G.Malalazi
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