Friday, 28 September 2012


1-All the present magnificent buildings, structures like obelisks, white hosue, china buildings, Olympus of Greece and more are copies of Black Egyptian Civilizations.
2-Pythagorous Theorems can best be called Pharaonic Black Theorems because the Black Pharaohs had built Pyramids using advanced mathematical knowledge.
3-Religions.Blacks is authors’ of all the religions of the world:-Christianity, Islam, Buddism, Hinduism and many more. Black people wrote the original Bible. Jesus Christ was a black Person and all the races of the world are scrambling for such a super intelligent character embedded in black people to be their own. In fact black Jesus is a symbol of black people resistance against white racism and their oppressive, barbaric characteristics. The people like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Junior, and Marcus Garvey, The Mau Mau of Kenya .John Chilembwe of Malawi, Black Julius Caesar, Black Hannibal are in such category. Since Jesus was a black person, therefore the entire race are benefitting and worshipping black people’s intelligence.
4-The Messiah the world is waiting is in one of the Prisons in USA, Britain, Israel and Australia. It is like black Joseph who was imprisoned by black Pharaoh but after interpreting Pharaoh’s dream he was given the authority to govern Egypt. Note all these prisons will be turned into charitable places; every boy will be freed because the Justice System now is crippled and obsolete. That will be the beginning of a new world order.
5-No one has defeated death. Even Jesus has never defeated death. Crowning Jesus to be the conqueror of death is a symbol of erased Sense of Judgment because the people are dying everyday. Death is around .Deceivers are caught red handed here.

 The people are walking in a file. One arm of each person is touching the back of one of each while all but one in front closes their eyes. I.e. The one at the front is the only person walking while seeing in zigzag manner. They sing a song led by the one at the front.

 Front Person     :|”Kalondolondo”
All                           :  “Kaya”    ,”Tafika sono?”
Front                     : ”Yayi Tichali munthowa”.

1-The song is repeated,repeated,repeated,repeated until the the at say ,”Enya Tafika”.The stoppage might be at the wrong place or at the right place. Is when you open the eyes. If you have been made to open at the wrong place, that where laughter and happiness comes.
This traditional game is similar to the present Christian and Islamic religion. Jesus is coming in the next hour, yet years are coming and going.

2-It’s like Game of punishing young ones who remain standing while elders are sitting. Standing while elders are seated is a sign of disrespect to elders. To punish you, they command you:-“Go to nearby village and bring KAIMAIMA (means STANDING).When you reach that village the people they would tell you that,KAIMAIMA was here but he has just departed to the next village across the river. That person goes to far away distance as a punishment. Children have been known to have been killed in the process without trace. This is similar to the present Christianity and Islam. Shifting goal posts. Jesus is coming in the next hour, yet years are coming and going.
3-It’s like a legend story that the Great King wanted a husband for his daughter who has a story to last thousands and thousands of years. One poorest, scorned, rejected person of a society won the competition. To tell you this, hire me to your land. You will enjoy it.
By           :Bishop G.Malazi
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