Tuesday, 18 September 2012


A race without culture and tradition is denied sense of judgment. If the race doesn’t have sense of judgment, it cannot have the power to diagnose a problem. If it fails to diagnose a problem, it is easily misled and one problem missed breeds the other.  We are in that situation now. Myself and some people of Malawi, Central Africa (The Khemet) at the banks of Lake of Stars ,our sense of judgment is intact because we are cultured people like Black Jesus (Christ=Light).With this in mind, let look at :-

A             Abraham and Sarah did not have a child for almost 100 years, and were longing for one. Unexpectedly, Isaac was borne and the family was happy. In our culture and tradition, if the family takes long to bear a child you become the centre of derisions and become the outcast of the societies. To avert this, that family tries its best to one child in whatever means, the sooner the better for them. One of the means is; they seek help from traditional medicine men; they measure their strength by sleeping with others outside the family as Abraham did with Hagar. It is better at this point to note that even Sara was doing the same; thirdly a group of elders arrange a (fisi= a hyena) .A known fertile, hired man to sleep with a woman. He is called a hyena because he secretly does his duties at night. Only a woman and few people in the community know this arrangement. When the woman conceives, that family becomes happy because of that child. So, our friend Isaac was borne in that circumstance. Dynamics of black cultures and traditions. So if you have such problems, you are welcome to visit Malawi, the warm heart of Africa and be given that service.

B             One day when I was listening to Nkhotakota Community Radio Station on the shores of Lake Malawi, God and Abraham had agreed to kill a beautiful only son, Isaac as offering to God .Isaac was not aware of these sinister minds. On the way between   home and the mountain where the altar was built, Satan visited Abraham and advised him not to do such a heinous act against Isaac. Abraham replied, “I will do what God has ordered me to do”,. Satan warned Isaac that he going to be killed, and offered to God.” Using this information, Isaac asked his father, where the sheep was to be killed. Abraham answered,” Don’t worry my son God will provide”. Satan tried three times to stop this, but Abraham went ahead to satisfy God’s plan. Abraham arranged the firewood on the alter, bundled Isaac with ropes, took the knife to dissect Isaac’s throat three times. Surprising, a metal ring was round the neck of Isaac which saved him from the thrusts of a knife which was softened unable to cut.Suddenly,his hand was caught by an angel, and the angel showed Abraham the sheep which was tied at the shrub. Isaac was saved and the sheep was offered instead.

Looking at this scenario:
1-Who saved Isaac?
2-The role played by God .Was it Good or bad?
3-The role played by Satan was it good or bad?
4-The role played by Isaac was it good or bad?
5-The role played by the Angel was it good or bad?

Note: Failure to diagnose a problem, that problem breeds other problems, which we are in today. Solutions to problems can be found if you know the causative agent. Human race will be saved. Think and Judge original. All answers are in culture and tradition.

By Bishop G.Mlalazi.
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