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In Malawi, on Shores of Lake Malawi (Lake of stars), we have rich cultures, traditions and religions which have survived savage onslaught by foreign religions. Foreign Missionaries have branded them Paganism, Satanism and all sorts of names to make them fit to be abandoned by native people and adopt their religion and way of life. Many complied for almost 200 years now. This abandonment has brought about more harm than good and has brought about the disintegration and misery of native societies. This is why; it is becoming very difficult to take care of orphans. In the past, one could not notice the difference between an orphan and those children who had their living parents. Great Respect should go to such great people who were architect of such sustainable human survival system. Among them were great authors and narrators of legend stories. Fireside stories which grand mothers and fathers used to recount to their grand children in order to plant wisdom into their minds. After they had grown up, their behavior had been fine tuned to suits the needs of the overall native societies .We are looking that time with nostalgia and that time is being reborn. That is the duty of each one of us now to write and submit such legends stories to (Global Original Heritage Revival and Defense).Your friends have done, now is your turn:-
THE PLIGHT OF AN ORPHAN(Respect to Great BLACK Authors-was being narrated to us by my Mother Rosebel Nkosi who is still living in her 70 years)
Once upon a time Saukani‘s mother died while she was less than threes years. She was later being taken care of his father who later died also. The group of elders decided to put Saukani under the custody of his step father and mother. The couple had a daughter, almost the same age to Saukani. Her name was Chapasi. The two developed a strong relation ship but their parents were not happy with the presence of Saukani in their family! What ever shores which were assigned, they were doing together. Collecting firewood, water, washing plates, and clothes, pounding maize and many more. The two authored a binding song which was being sung even asleep. In that song there was a message that one of them cannot do something without the presence of the other. Many people admired them and acted as examples to other children.
 The major problem to Saukani was that she was an orphan and was not wanted by her step parents. They cooked a plan to get rid of Saukani without the knowledge of Chapasi and the society.They new that wherever Saukani was, Chapasi was there also. They dug out a hole in the kitchen, down the spot where they were cooking food, enough to accommodate a person. One day those parents took two buckets .Many holes were drilled through the bottom of one bucket .The other one had no holes. The one with no hole was given to Saukani. The Other one with holes was given to Chapasi their real daughter. “Go our daughters and draw water from the river which was about 1km away”. They commanded. " Never come back without water and come back as soon as possible.” They emphasized. They went as commanded .At the river Saukani drew water and her bucket was not leaking. Chapasi drew water but her bucket was leaking.Chapasi tried several times to draw water but she could not make it home because, her bucket was leaking. Her clothes were wet with water .She tried the whole day but did not manage to rich home with water .Saukani had gone already with water. After the sun set, angry and tired Chapasi went home with no water. She was hesitant to reach home but her parent welcomed and comforted her.”Where is Saukani”.She asked.”We know that you were together drawing water from the river .We are supposed to ask you first, the where abouts of your dear friend, Saukani.” They reasoned.  “She came home, early in the morning because her bucket was not leaking out water.” She explained. Where is she now?” they questioned. They alerted the society to help them look for Saukani but weeks and months passed, she was not found. They certified her dead and did traditional funeral ceremonies to mark the end of her presence in the society. What the society and Chapasi did not know was that her arms and legs were tied with a strong rope and she was hidden under the floor on which they were cooking food on daily basis. Years passed but  Saukani was surviving on the soil.Her body was gaunt ,her hair grew longer than her body like the hair of a Rasta man(Bob Marley, Burning Spear,Luky Dube.etc).Years later,Both Chapasi and Saukani were struck by grief. Both remembered the song which had banded them.  One day  Chapasi was pounding maize floor at the compound, while accompanying the song. The vibration and the song penetrated the ground and reached the hole of Saukani under the furnace. Saukani answered the song as they had used to do during their old days.When Chapasi had stopped  pounding in between intervals, she was hearing the song voice was that of Saukani ,but she did not know from which direction and place that voice was coming………………………………………………….etc (bye for now.We will continue from here next time.Compare this moving legends story with THE FATE OF IKEMEFUNA IN CHUNUA ACHEBES BOOK TITLED THINGS FALL APART.Compare again the story of BLACK  JOSEPH ,HOW HE WAS SOLD TO BLACK PHARAOH PORTPHER IN EGYPT  extracted from old Testament Bible which was authered by black people.The power of wisdon will heal the world like Black King Solomon.Blacks have the responsibility to stop barbaric,warlike tendencies of other races as it is today in the middle east and else where.Note God will always side with the oppressed.
By Bishop G,Mlalazi
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