Sunday, 23 September 2012


In Malawi, Central Africa around the Lake of Stars there are several divine Native Shrines where all people should go and be spiritually purified. Such Places are:- The Mulanje Mountain, Zomba Moutain Khuluvi in Lower Shire,Dzalanyama Ranges,South Rukulu River,Nyika Plateau,The Lake Malawi,Ngala yapakamwa,Bunda Moutain ,Hora Mountain s and many more places where the dead are being buried. There are many fascinating stories after completion of the pilgrimages to such place. Tourists have vanished into thin air especially in Mulanje Mountain. This is the original religion which Native people have to follow even Black Jesus was preaching the same Religion when he was transfigured on the mountain. Jesus was an ancestral worshipper the way our forefathers were doing. The Jews who were black people were and are still sour beer takers. Even Black Jesus was drinking this beer as exemplified at Canna of Galilea. Because the sour beer had finished the people asked Jesus to brew a lighter beer called wine. Human sweat and God Love Beer came into the world. Jesus had love for women. He asked the Samarian woman water. When she brought the water drawn from a well, Jesus refused and advised the woman that he had the water of life which overflows from the bottom of the heart. That is courtship in our tradition. Water of life in our tradition is sperm liquid. Refer again to Martha and Mary in the rest houses Jesus and his entourages were renting. Refer again to the woman who was oiling Jesus feet with expensive oil using her hair. Such actions by a woman symbolize love affairs at best. In the books of James, Maria Magdalene and Mary his mother, clearly shows that Jesus was married to Marry Magdalena   and had four children. We are saying this because Jesus was our brother .He was a black man and was brought up in black people’s traditions, cultures and religions. Jews are black people. Only black, have the keys of Jesus. More than 70 times, Jesus said he was the son of man and not God. But soon after he was borne he was declared the king of the Jews and even the Maggie’s carried the gifts suitable for a king. At the cross, they wrote THIS IS THE TRUE KING OF THE JEWS. If we apply black traditions and cultures, one would no doubt conclude that Jesus was the son of man as he often said but that man was a king, and that king when he was borne was King Herod.The biological father of Jesus was King Herod. If one masters black people’s traditions, cultures, and religion one would troubleshoot any complex problems in the world. You know the Bible; there are only two verses which summarizes the bible:-The Bible is divided into two parts. The New Testament and the Old Testament. One  verse is unveiling the New Testament: Mathews 27-64 which states that :COMMAND THAT THE TOMB WHERE JESUS WAS BURIED BE MADE SECURE,LEST THE DISCIPLES COME BY NIGHT AND STEAL HIM AND SAY TO THE PEOPLE THAT HE HAS RISEN FROM THE DEAD: SO THE LAST ERROR OR DECEPTION SHALL BE WOSRE THAN THE FIRST. So whatever people are talking about Jesus now is the last error or deception which is worse than the first.
In the Old Testament God said: “Let us make man in our own image”. God was speaking to Lucifar, Gabiel and other 12 Angels.Lucifar was the best crafts man who designed a human and collected clay soil to build a man .God breathed life into that man. Therefore, our image resembles Lucifer, God and the Angels. If we despise one of them, we are actually despising ourselves. It is madness to run away from your shadow or despise your shadow. That is the situation we are now. There is a conspiracy of deceivers to plant characters that are in the New Testament to take the place of characters in the Old Testament like a chase game.  The most notable one is the removal of Lucifer in the creation to be replaced by Jesus who is in the New Testament yet the trinity was set up in 325 AD at Council of Nicaea in Turkey where Constantine decried should be worshipped like god. Jesus was just black ordinary person fighting against the Roman Colonialisn.He was later followed by the Arabic Mohammed fighting against the Roman Colonialism.
Black Culture, tradition, religion, law is just and supreme let us revive and uphold them because they will save human race.

Compiled by:     Bishop G,Mlalazi
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