Sunday, 20 January 2013



These black brave people deserve the title of SAINTWOOD.After David Livingstone had died these black men disembowled(removed) internal organs of David Livingstone.They buried his internal organs in Zambia.His body was dried up and later carried his body to the Indian Oceans.From there his body was shiped to Britain for burial .at the Church Cementry.The preservation skills which were kept by black people since the black Mesopotamian and Egyptian Civilizations These are the men whose names should be eleveted high.The naming of Livingstonia Synod is a betrayal of black achievements.This synod should be called SAINT SUSI AND CHUMA SYNOD. Apethide is bad.These foreign names have to be switched to lacal names.We have very important  names to name most place like Mbona Highlands ,Mbona River etcs.Even with this good gesture,hospitality given to our white return the have give us a bitter pill of colonization ,exploitation,injustices etc

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By Bishop G, Mlalazi
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