Monday, 21 January 2013


Mau Mau Leader Dedan Kimati
Nelson Mandela
Mrcus Garvey
Martin Luther King Junior
Haiti President
Iron Lady Tubman
Kwame Nkhrumah
Bishop Desmon Tutu
Barak Obama's Mother  deserves an  HO NARY NOBEL PRIZE WIN OF ENDURANCE for raising him in a hostile Environment.She is or her relative free to visit or stay in Africa.She can Sail on Lake Malawi for her  award.White women emulate such a kind ,brave woman .There are many original black men on our list looking for white women for marriages.Email us for more details. We can arrange such .


John Chilembwe                                                     Black Jesus(Jews were black people)

His Excellency,Pharaonic,Solomonic,Hamrabic,Moses,Cyrus,Noah,Abraham,Buddha,Jesus,Eliajah,Mohammed,John Chilembwe,Martin Luther Junior,Ngola,Etc ......NELSON MANDIBA MANDELA  once said "IT IS NOT ALWAYS THAT ENEMIES OF THE WEST ARE  OUR ENEMIES".An oppressor cannot and will not have the right or authority to choose for us who our friends should be.It is our right , freedom moral duty to screen using our sense of judgement who our friends to have.Universally black people have no emenies.Therefore Africa Union has the global duty to reach out to all countries of the world including Russia,DPR OF NORTH KOREA ,IRAN,ISRAEL ,ALGENTINA,VENEZUELA ETC. UN has lost its credibility because it has become NATO.
As Black Africans we have to be very careful in the MALI CONFLICT.Learn from the past that the West colonised Africa in a pretext to help us,with a smiling face,carrying the Bible in theirs hands with a message of love. But later these words were not followed by them.They brought guns,killed black people,plundered their wealth ( brought death and destruction).Remember the first and second wolrd wars.Blacks were promised freedom, idependence etc but after the war, blacks were back in chains,poverty,colonized.Once bitten twice shy.ECOWAS, SADC,COMESA ,AU BEWARE.We all upon the youth , to put in place defensive plans to fight agaist the impending colonialism.

      Our main duty is to assess what is presented to us.If we are taught that we should hate SATAN and love GOD.We should not be forced to accept the way the phrase is presented.We should investigate to prove whether that is true or not.After the findings ,we should make an informed judgement based on our independent thoughts.
Let us cerebrate in these hard days."They told us that things will be better.They told us that things will be easier.They told us that things will be cheaper.Hai, hai,ha!
We have to reset ourselves to our original state.Culture People.
By Bishop G.Mlalazi
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