Sunday, 20 January 2013


                                           BLACK JESUS
Black Jesus Strictly warned about imposters.He warned ",The way I look,is the way I will come back to rule the world. If someone say ,he is here or there,don't go because there will be signs to watch. Everybody will see the son of man decending from heaven in a cloud".Evidence has shown that the Jews were black and Jesus was a black person.So, any picture depicting Jesus to be white is a testimony of exactly what he ,himself had warned.People have to go to Churches where Jesus is Painted black.or curved with black features.This is the true representation of Jesus.

                                       BLACK MOHAMMED
The most grievious crime one commits in Islam is to diclose the identity on Mohammed.Why is there such a coverup of such a great person.He was a black brave person.He fought his way up to Europe and black people (moors}started European Renainssance.So black people deserve better tretment globally.

By Bishop Mlalazi
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