Sunday, 13 January 2013


Nature has given us time to follow for maximum man's benefits.Even Trees,animals follow this beat of time.If  our activities do not follow this natural time,that means we are digging our own graves.There are four distinct time divisions in a year.Rainy Season,Winter,Summer and Autumn.There are 12 months in a year.The year ends with 360 days.The problem or ignorance which we have been made to believe and follow is the position of the END DAY OF A YEAR and the FIRST DAY OF YEAR.This is very important for planning and time management.Note that time does not follow us, but we follow the time.The danger we have is that we are trying to force the time to follow us which will not happen.This is why we are creating problems for ourselves and we are missing very importance opportunities from nature giving us.Note nature give us things at a specific time of the year.So we have to synchronise ourselves to this natural time if we are to benefit from nature.Let us note, the position of the Fisrt day of the year.This day is IN BETWEEN the days of the END OF RAINY SEASON and the BEGINNING OF WINTER SEASON  in the south of EQUATOR.The compromised day is the FIRST  DAY the month of JUNE.The day is called AMEN- RA .The YEARLY day of the GOD - SUN   orGOD  SUN- DAY  when the sun reaches at the tropic of Capricorn.From this observationsour friends in the northern hemsphere have their new yearat the tropic of cancer quite opposite from the southern hesphere.or 180 degree So the year has not ended yet in the southern hemsphere.It will end at the last day of May.One June will be our first day of our new year.The first week of  June in called HEROES WK when all the heroes will be announced with great celebrations.The time when even the poorest has something to give to others.So celebrations of the First day of the year to be in January is an illution ,a clear ignorace for the people who do not understand and follow the laws of nature .Why are we cerebrating the beginning of the year in between the days of rainy season?Madness and Ignorance at best..A calenda is in the pipeline for the same. Thanks.


What we are forced to believe is that HALF DAY +HALF NIGHT IS ONE DAY.Nature tells us that ONE DAY is when the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.That is One day.From the time of The sun Setting, up to the time the sun rises is ONE NIght.Therefore ONE oclock is at the time when the sun rises .12 oclock Noon is at the time when the sun set in the west .The same is true with the night time. We are being led and taught by brutes-devils.Therefore the wrist watches should be set at ONE oclock AM when the sun rises in the East. So Tea should be take at 6 oclock when the sun is at the head.Morning Nsima. Evening Nsima.12 hour difference of eating strong food.This would reduce the occurencies of food related diseases like diabetis,sugar, high blood pressure etc.

By Bishop G.Malalazi
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