Friday, 18 January 2013


The drying up of Lake Chirwa is one of the indicators of the most difficult times a head of us both in Malawi,Central Africa ,Africa and the Word at Large.Water is LIFE.Without water no Life.To reverse this ecological disaster,the following measure have to be taken:-
1-Cutting down all the devils, arien trees planted in Africa like Cenderella,Bluegums,Gymalinas,Cysher,and all the tree which are non native trees in Africa.They drink alot of water per year they do that by lowering the water table beyong the reach of native trees.Because their roots penetrate 100m or more into the ground,the ground water level is lowered to that point.Therefore the surrounding areas dries up and all the vegetation around that area is denied the water .End of native life and vegetation. Remove Bluegums and Malayina around Zomba and Lake Chirwa. Leave Native trees to take the place.The root of native keep native soil and wate like a spounge.These foreigners brought these tree with them to destroy the evironment.
2-Do not use fertilisers.History has told us that Sahara Desert was man made by the Roman Empire by Pouring Salt in all fertile land of Africa to punish the Carthaginians who were black people led by Hannibal. To destroy vegation  which sustain peoples life.
3-Dragonic economic Systems which is failing to give back the dues to the envirinment like Electricity,Water supply and other trade organizations.
4-The type of religious doctrines are destructive to the environment.
5-Deforestation forced by implementing capitalist ,dragonic economic sysytems which force people to destroy the high tarrifs of Watwr and electicity.
   (This not my home ,I am passing through). Breeding laziness in societies. There are four days in a year for praying marked by seasons. Not daily praying.

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By Bishop Mlalazi
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