Sunday, 9 October 2011


You are mostly welcome to this site. The name of the site (GLOBAL ORIGINAL CHURCH-MPINGO WAMAKOLO) has been chosen to put the house in order. This site will help us share information, ideas of the many challenges we are in, now and devise mechanisms how we can overcome them. We have noted that our destiny and identity are at stake and find a way of overcoming them by preserving, the cultures, traditions, religion, languages, and lacal names of the indigenous. This will take us to explore the past, present and future destinies of individual peoples societies of the global village. Members will be required to submit legendarystories,parables,zinthalika,vithyeso,vidokoni,magule,nyimbo,Zambanja ufumundizima ,malamulo,usamunda,ukapolo,umphawi,umisiri matenda.This task is big and require the support from ordinary people like you by contributing ideas, donating money for this social movement to succeed. Remember we are sailing in a ship. It is the duty of everybody to make it to the shores. If you have made up your decision to contribute, you can send money donations using Airtel or TNM by cell phones to the numbers 0888852590/0995754866 or you can use fast Fast Cash Money Transfer or Western union Money Transfer. THIS WILL GIVE RISE TO THE GLOBAL RENAINSANCE PERIOD. Thank you.

1-What was the language which Jesus Christ was speaking?
2-What was the language to whom Jesus was speaking?
3-Where was Jesus between 13 years and 30years and why is that this is not included in the Bible?
4-What was the religion of Jesus Christ preaching to people?
5-What race was the statue of GIZA representing when Jesus was rushed to Egypt by his parents fearing dead from King Heroad?
6-After Jesus was crucified to which continent the disciples went?
7-Why is the book of Simon Peter and others missing in this Bible.Remember, the genuine messages of Jesus are in books written by SIMON PETER upon whom Jesus entrusted to build a church, Mary Magdalene’s ,Mary the mother’s book.
9-What colour was Jesus? White or black?
10-Who wrote the first Bible ? Whites or Blacks?
11-Who wrote the Rosetta stone?
12-Who was the biological father of Jesus?
13-Who was the wife of Jesus?
14-How many children did Jesus had?

After reading pass these questions to your friends and inform them about this blog namely GLOBAL ORIGINAL CHURCH (MPINGO WAMAKOLO) :

Send your answers to the email above .Successful candidates wish go away with HUGE CASH BONANZAS after entering SUCH QUIZ COMPETIONS.Rules of the competition are:
1-Participants are required to transfer a minimumof Mk500.00 each using the mediums Airtel or TNM numbers or others, shown on the introduction.
2-Answer one question at a time. Participant will be informed whether they have got right or wrong.
3-The more the stake the more the chances of winning outright.
4-Interem small PRIZES will be given to individual winners.
5-A double cabin TOYOTA HILUX will be given to a lucky winner at the end of the in March 20/2/2012.
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