Tuesday, 11 October 2011


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These issues I am raising is to put the house inorder.For example the bible we are reading is a small % of the real global bible.Therefore,that small % cannot be imposed in the global set up.Doing so,that is why there is religious frictions .Their rights have been violated forgeting that God was manfested differently in different peoples of the continent.In christian teachings that people are promised a better place in heaven when Jesus will come again.That message is useless now because people have waited long.They have concluded that it is an illusion.Building castles in the air.The focuss is now on brotherwood.But not just brotherwood but we should be helping each other in times of problems.We have to be practical .What we have done on earth and left, matters more for generations to come. For example ,the pyramids of Egypt,the sphnx,The mummies,science,mathematics,stonrhenge,the rosetta stone, the great wall of china etc.Do something benefical now while you are living on earth  rather than building beatiful castles in heaven.Its a waste of time yet innocent lives are languishing like in Somalia.To my side I have taken responsibility to buid and run a Primary School where some orphaned children are being educated.Now ,I am in the Process of building a Multipurpose hall.Part of the income from this project will help pay orphaned children to go in higher education.Plans are underway to build a Secondary school and eventually,the college.So friends like yourselve can join hands as brothers and benefit in return from this ambitous projects.What good things we do to others on earth matters more than procrastinating is a thief of time .Many whitemen have joined hands with blacks here in various business endavours like Malanatha Privates Schools here.We can do the same and we can be affiliated to other schools in Canada. This in brotherwood you have already mentioned and most of the  past pains might be healed.
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