Tuesday, 18 October 2011

First we have to examine the reasons why the people adopted the practice. The findings are as follows:
1-The clitoris and the foreskins on the genital organs harbor the moisture because of constant discharge of sweat around these organs.
2-During menstruation, the discharges from the women make the vagina very difficult to care.
3-It is these factors that makes the good conditions for bacteria and fungal diseases and other ailments to attack, harbored and grow.
4-Many died from genital diseases in the past and even in the, Bible and the Koran, it is mentioned.
5-Faced with this problem the great scientists, then, noted that by removing the clitoris and the foreskins, the moisture is drastically reduced, thereby, denying the sanctuary for these diseases.
6-The cold being felt from the moistures after sexual intercourse was reduced.
7-Kings, then, ordered that everybody had to undergo male and female circumcisions to avert the plague associated by these sexual organs.
8-This is why this practice is being carried out up to this day and it has become our culture.

Gay people use these clitorises to stimulate and accomplish their sexual desires. Removing them, then that means, we have stopped women to women marriage system. This is the bone of contention from other disgruntled quarters of the present societies. This is why there is this drive to eliminate female circumcisions to satisfy these gay people. Stopping female and male circumcisions that means we expect a plague associated with these sexual organs. Humans will die. Biological warfare.

Some people make (money) businesses where there is prevalence’s of diseases in the societies. So these pharmaceutical companies try their best to stamp out the cultivated cultural practices which impede the spread of diseases.Becareful.Watch out. You have to be watching the wolves among the sheep’s as Jesus once said. Now there is drive to stop genital mutilation among the Masai People of Kenya by Christian organization there. They provide shelter to children who have escaped from the traditional circumcision being carried out there. The Masai are founders of BUDDHISM as demonstrated are   the Buddha statues.

Based on the evidences given above female and male circumcisions should be carried out to all peoples of the world.
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