Tuesday, 11 October 2011


I have read.Hope is in ourselves even without mentioning Jesus.Jesus retired when he said cry for youselves and your children.It is futile now to keep on mentioning Jesus.He even said that his kingdom is in heaven and not on earth.It is a sign that you don't know Jesus.Have you ever thought the real earthly father? Jesus was the son of king Herod.King Herod was not a Jew but he was imposed to rule the Jews by the Romans.He came with his family.It meant kingship was confined to that family forever.If  Herod died,his son would take the thrown.The Jews were not happy with that arrangement to be ruled by foreigners .They want to be ruled by the king of their own blood but must have kings blood.So king Herod secretly impregnated Mary.KING Herod and Mary both committed adultery. Mary was the most beautiful Jewish woman fit for the king.But Mary was already engaged with Joseph . At that time anyone found committing adultery was put to death by stoning by their laws.It was embarrassing for the king to break the laws of the land.He was supposed to be exemplary to uphold the statues of the land.Joseph accepted Mary to protect her from being stoned to death but at the same time to protect the integrity,image of the king but the son to be born was the son of a king borne into Jewish woman.That pleased the Jews because Jesus had both kings blood and Jewish blood.When Jesus was borne ,the Jews did not hesitate to call him their king and not those foreigners. Thus why there was a plot to kill him.He was hidden in Egypt.Behind, king Herod was mysteriously killed.When the news reached Egypt.,they decided to return home but not  Bethlehem because people could recognize him to be the son of a king..They went with him to stay in Nazareth.When he was growing up, the Jews were telling him that he was the son of a king.So he was surprised,and the people were surprised,because according to the law he was not supposed die.his mother again was supposed to die.It was difficult for the son borne out of wedlock at that time.Therefore he was supposed to be clever  in his speeches to hide this true identityl.Remember at one time ,when the Lawyers asked him about his father.He answered by saying ,if you see me ,you have seen my father because the father was in him and him in his father.Remember during his trials."Tell us,are you the son of a king."Jesus  answered that it was the people who were saying.Then Jesus was taken out of the courtroom to confer with Herod the son.Note ,Jesus was being tried by his own brothers-ONE FATHER KING HEROD but different mothers.They tried to save him but the people of the Jews demanded his death for it was treason for anyone to claim that he was a king while others kings were there.
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