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We write not to offend anyone but to correct and point out the malpractices which have rocked and affected our beautiful society. Failure to do so would be unpatriotic, and we will be held accountable for the misfortunes which might happen in future against our destiny. We will try our best to share this information to the general public based on evidence gathered and at hand. The tense atmosphere which we are experiencing here now, in our country , is as result of collective guilt. Such are indicators that together we have lost direction dating back to colonial times. The objectives of the freedom fighters for independence have not been implemented up today e.g. 1-Landrights for indigenous people 2-Economic rights, 3-Legal rights, 4-religious rights, 5-cultural rights, 6-travel rights, 6-historical rights. Let us point out that for anything to be sustained for generation to comes, we indigenous people must revive and develop our strong foundation in reference to some of the elements mentioned. This will put our feet hold onto the strong ground and remain fixed. All developing systems should be done in reference to this indigenous strong ground. That way, we will be assured of withstanding the global destructive turbulences. Everything is right here but our problems are arising from adopting the systems whose references are in the west or east or elsewhere in the world. That way we are deliberately putting ourselves at the awkward, receiving end.EG
1-Refering our currencies for example to the American Dollar, British Pound or Eurols.We should have our African Currency where all financial transactions at continent level be referred to. We have our natural resources and we must be given the right to evaluate and price them. What type of business is there where a buyer is dictating the prices of the goods he is buying like tobacco buying . Why use sellers who speak the languages the owner of the tobacco is not understating! This practice obviously is allowing theft to take place.
2-Referring cases committed here to cases committed in London. This is a perpetual colonialism because Justice System in one of the most important arms of the govt. Lawyers, judges spends years studying and spending fees on English Law, yet the task is vey simple and does not require someone to go to school.”TIMAONA CHOMWE CHATSITSA DZAYE KUTI NJOBVU ITHYOKE MNYANGA”. Sense of judgment is natural and experience has proved that people in the village set up are better judges than these so called learned Judges. So practicing such justice system is accepting colonialism and our destiny is bleak. This is why the justice system is crippled because it is not addressing objectively the day to day problems affecting our societies. It has become a huge mafia business playing havoc to the majority of innocents. This has to be dismantled completely and start from zero. The evidences for these will be given below.(Not included)
3-All religious teachings are now referred to the western capitals, yet these global religions originated from African Continent eg Buddhism,Islam,Hinduism,Christianity etc but our friends have adopted them from us  ,as theirs and putting us, founders at brutal ,awkward positions.
4-Archtectures, sculptures, Medicines, Philosophy, Law, parables, Mathematics, Alphabet, Solar system etc have their origins here in Africa.Eveyrthing is referred to African Continent. If we understand ourselves and given the right to speak about ourselves, we are actually building a reference, unshaken foundation: Refer to HERODOTUS the Greek HISTORIAN said the black people, whose skins are burnt of Egypt and beyond influenced the Greek Civilization.
Evidence of why we should dismantle and start from Zero the justice system is as follows:
1-CRIMINALS have become an arm or an extension of the justice system. Therefore, the whole justice entity has now become a criminal entity. In 2009 criminals stole One Xerox Photocopier, One Asus Laptop, Two sets of Desktop to Computers through the wall of the shop. The matters were reported to nearst Police Station by the owner. In 2011,one item was found at the beaureaux in a distant district.The owner machine is a technician who was called to repair the machine which was stolen back in 2009.He identified it by crosschecking with the serial number which was on the cash sale. The matter was repoted to the nearest  Police station there and the Copia was recovered. The next move was to find the one who had stolen the machines.The buyer confessed that he bought from a man name withheld who operate businesses in Devils Street. Two Policemen from distant district were dispatched to apprehend the culprits via the  Police station near where the machine stolen.At the time we were organizing the methodology, criminals were alerted by the Policemen from that Police unit. Up to now the criminals have not been arrested. The justice system has become part and parcel of criminals. There are 3 more evidences to support the malpractice.This one of the many hitches the the police have become irrelevevant to current problems.

This trend is not spared to the police only but also to the courts. Read court proceeding below and see for make your own conclusion. These are evidences based finding analyses. This is why GLOBAL ORIGINAL HERITAGE REVIVAL AND DEFENCE is there to put the house in order. Note don’t blame anyone for this, but blame the systems we have adopted are designed to destroy ourselves.
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               PRIVATE SCHOOL 
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To:                            DEPUTY CHAIRPERSON
                                 Employer Panelist
                                 Employee Panelist
                                 Official Interpreter
Dear Sirs/Madams
                We write not as enemies of the court but friends. This has come about following the outcome of the JUDGEMENTD DOCUMENTS and an ASSESMENT NOTICE submitted to us using the applicants. We have gone through the judgments sheets and consulted the employment act booklet and the communication between the applicants, the labour office, the industrial court and Independent School Labor Unions.It is clear,in our assessment documents attached ,that the applicants were given their right to be heard by quotes in their letters of suspension to both applicants which states “We write in reference to our verbal discussions”. And letter to Labour Office and copied to one of the applicants. This has not been featured in the Judgments sheets. In the judgments sheets we have again found out that both applicants were practicing insubordinations and are suitable for SUMMERY DISMISSAL. And for the applicants to ask the labour office officials to dictate to us write dismissal letters is again an act of leaving the employment without notice and is required by the labour act, constitution, to surrender one month Salary. Now that we have the evidence in our hands about the justice miscarriages there, we have the courage to bring back the remarks which we contributed in the court proceedings, “It has come to our general concern in the country, that crimals, fraudstars are using the courts in order to swindle the employers’ money”. Refer again TO CASE where teachers of the HILLSIDE PRIVATE SCHOOL in area 24 were rewarded by the same court yet the same teachers were running a parallel school at the same campus without the authority, knowledge of the owner. This school is now closed because of the court sided with crooks to defraud it. We, as citizens of this country we are not prepared to be blackmailed, taken hostage in this manner by criminals using the courts. The honey moon of practicing justice miscarriages is over because we have made a justice check quorum in order to deal with this problem. Now you are not immune from prosecution if you are found guilty of practicing injustices.
Secondly, all cases in the category where the indigenous people have employed their fellow indegenous people have to be discontinued in all the courts of the country. This follows the findings that we indegenous people do not accept that the employer should be a indegenous. To reach a point that the employer has terminated the services of fellow indegenous person, that means he/she has suffered more harm than good and his/her decision is right. This is very important point in order for the courts not help destroy, erode the indegenous peoples businesses. You see, we are now goodwill ambassadors of the courts. If one has the truth on his/her side, he/she should not be afraid of anything.

Yours faithfully,
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                               GREY AREAS OF JUDGEMENT
1.       Correction on the line 2 {the respondent deny the claim, stating that the applicants were fairly dismissed and for valid reasons}. I said that the applicants went and requested the labour office officials to dictate to us to dismiss them of which we complied under duress. That is exactly what happened.
2.       {She was not called back}. To the contrary, she was called back for fair discussions to resume teaching through the letter addressed to the labour office and copied to her dated 2/02/2010 attached. Instead, she requested the labour office officials to command us write a dismissal letter of which we complied.
3.       {She got a threatening letter AP5}.  Nobody at our school has written any threatening letter to her but what we know is that, that was part of a two paged statement of defense addressed to the industrial relations court dated 30/03/2010 attached. It was photocopied and smuggled out by the same court to the applicants to appear as if it was addressed to the same. A calculated move by the court to demonize and implicate the respondent because the applicants did not have any grounds of defense materials.
4.       {She said that the school had not terms and conditions and at the same time that all rules were written by the RESPONDENT and were subjected to change any time {7-8} lines. She is contradicting herself. Refer to her letter of suspension and a statement of defense in the passage describing her. It underscores the true nature of her unruly behavior being displayed at our school. This is typical of insubordination because THE RESPONDENT is the biggest shareholder of the institution and has authority. Section 59 {1} {SUMMERY DISMISSAL} is addressing that which you have written on lines90-96. Refer again the conditions for summery dismissal prescribed by the Chipiku Stores attached.  We categorically, stressed that no organization can run without rules and regulations of which we presented the rules and regulations, term and condition of the school sheet in the same court attached.
5.       On line 72-74 {The applicant showed that he did not think much of the administration and management because as far as he was concerned, they were incompetent}. This again is a typical of insubordination and section 59{1} {SUMMERY DISMISSAL} is addressing that on the lines 90-96 of the judgment sheet. Refer again the conditions for summary dismissal prescribed by the Chipiku Stores attached.
6.       Every opportunity was given to both APPLICANTS for discussion but this opportunity was dashed by them instructing the labour office to command us write dismissal letters which we complied under duress.
7.       Lines 83-86, as far as the conduct of an employee allowing rival business to be done by using your employer’s materials or premises without seeking an authority of the employer is an industrial misconduct warranting dismissal under section 57 of act. But if we add this condition to point {5} on the line 72-74, this definitely warrants summary dismissal. See the termination of employment by Chipiku Stores point 13.1 attached.
8.       Vital communication document concerning the management , Pasanje and Mr. Zulu have not been featured in this judgments like a memo dated 16/12/2009, a letter to labour office copied to Pasanje, rules and regulations of the school, a letter to the Kawale Police Station. Yet we submitted them in the court proceedinds.This is an attempt by the court to defeat the truth and to tilt the case in favour of the applicants.
9.       Sent to both parties 11/5/11.Right to appeal within 30 days. But a copy of this judgment sheet was not sent to us until the day of the hearing of assessment dated 22/6/11.It is when we learnt that  the judgment was done some time ago and we requested for a copy.Surprisingly,the assessment Notice DATE 7/5/2011 was passed to us by the APPLICANTS. It is calculated move by the court to deny us the right to appeal using time factor. It demonstrates that the court is collaborating with the applicants in this mafia business. Based on these evidences, THE COURT OFFICIALS  have turned the court into a Dane of robbers and THE SCHOOL and the Africa Renaissance will not accept such notoriety any more.
1.       Both APPLICANTS are obliged by the constitution to surrender one month salary to the employer {Leaving employment without notice}.
2.       Both APPLICANTS are screened by the constitution, and the evidence presented, that they were guilty of insubordination and qualify for summary dismissal. Ref: Section 59 {1} and chipiku stores conditions of employer point No: 13.1 attached, and rules and regulations of SCHOOL regulations.
3.       As management, the constitution, the rules and regulations of the school and referring to the Chipiku Store employment conditions, this case is closed. The employer acted within the parameters of the constitution, the rules and regulations of the school and the Chipiku Store employments conditions.
4.    Fair Justice is inborn, natural and is distributed evenly to all sections of societies of the world and it cannot wait. We, as members of the African Renaissance Team, we will restore the original justice system which observes (TIMAONA CHIMENE CHATSIDZA DZAYE KUTI NJOBVU Y ITHYOKE M’NYANGA).It is simple and straight forward. Not this tedious, cramsy job of wasting time perusing the cases which the colonialists have done in their homeland in the past to be imported and applied here. (Kufa safelana) sometimes. Research has proved that those who have not gone to school in typical village set up are better judges than those who have studied Whiteman’s law. Our society has lost track, sick, and it is our duty to steer it to move in the right direction. Our destiny is at stake. Strict Investigations have demonstrated that the justice system is in total chaos ever since it was introduced by the whitemen and need complete overhaul. Ref. to the time of whitemen settlement in Zimbabwe and their justice system and the South African film featuring the Blackman in Whiteman’s justice system. It is designed to systematically; destroy our society, dispossess our land, wealth and natural resources.Introduction of money was supposed to be done by the indigenous people to have the power to own their God given things.    We have to start from zero. All prisoners currently in prisoners be set free. A visit to Maula prison has shown a dangerous sign of desperation among the inmates. When we approached the wire surrounding the inmates, three inmates pinpointed me among the may people standing along the wire. They requested me to pray for them and nothing else. I asked them why they have chosen me among the many people who were there. They said that my prayer only can be heard to God and nobody else. At that point I was supposed to be frank. I replied by declaring that I pray to God through the ancestral spirits like Jesus did when he was transfigured at the Mountain. I asked them to do the same and reminded them that their prayer will be heard. They were very happy and requested me to be visiting them. A visit to the court nebourhood at  District Assembly,  Police Station and Area 3 Police station has shown why those inmates needed prayer. Justice system needs to be dismantled and start from zero. It is closed, crippled and rotten. There is no separation of powers. Since it is one of the vital arms of the government, then the overall function of the government is again in limbo. There is KUKHOMERERA SYNDROME. In this case, the police, and the judges take orders from the either the accuser or the accused in order to win the case. Money is a defining factor. It is a vicious cycle. Money laundering. In this situation the truth is the major casualty.
The minimum benchmarks for jurors for any case are 100 and should include the opinion of wise people from rural areas to participate. This would minimize bribery; fear and conclusions of any cases will not be influenced by reputable people of societies. Traditional, cultural values be observed when deciding the fate of any case in order not to erode our identity in this global village. Traditional leaders are the custodians of everything therein in the land. Ref. Kalonga Gawa Undi. Remember in the books of Chinua Achebe and Ngungi Wathiongo both said go my son to the Whiteman’s land and learn what they do in order to help us devise a strategy to better defeat him but do not lose your tradition and culture. This is the challenge we are in, like, in the book of CRY MY BELOVED COUNTRY written by a South African Whiteman.
Yours faithfully,
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