Sunday, 3 March 2013


Marriage is a relatioship between a man and a woman and to make that marriage into reality they have to produce children through their own sexiual intercourse and experience.No matter how hard the two try their best fucking ,if they dont produce children that marriage is invalid.Therefore,same sex relationship can turn into marriage if the two have produced at least one child through their own sex experience.The families who have produced children need to supporeted and conglatulated by govts NGO's ,Civil Societies etc',.

Those who do not have children will always have the lust to have children.This is why children are being stolen from hospitals and other places.This is why there is talk of adopting children by homosexual people.These people can kill productive mothers and fathers by various heinious crime inorder to own the children.Such a society is dangerous and destructive.

Watch out

By Bisdhop G. Mlalazi 

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