Sunday, 24 February 2013


When that Great Black King comes he will each race according to wehta they have done to mankind on earth .It is clear that other races have commited a heinious crimes against other races and continue to do so up to this day.They are advised to stop and begin paying reparations .African Union dont be drawn into Malian conflicty.It is a setting.The Islamists and al Qaeda are  are sponsored by the French and other Western countries.You will not defeat the Islamist because they are well spported by the very countries you are aligned.The motive behind is to destroy,disposses black of their natural wealth.The best we can do as black is to talk to the Islamists.settle our differences.Note You cannot defeat an idea.Remeber the first World War.The Second World Wars the American Civil Wars. at the end of the war black people had ended up in chains.The French had started this war, let them finish it.They should  not hand over this war to  African Unions  to finish .This is a cruel hoex.Black people will die there.Note the French are quickly planning to run away from this war.
By Bihop G.Mlalazi.
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