Friday, 18 November 2011


Men committing suicide on dramatic increase now. Everybody is asking, why, why, why? The root cause of this is INJUSTICE and wrong organs who are now handling family matters (THE POLICE and other NGO’s who have stolen the role of the chiefs in a village set up).A responsible man will never accept to remain hostage by his wife using  her extra husbands, courts ,Police and these NGO’S who are one sided. It is evident that men have now been driven into a corner. These are the indicators of desperation to the part of men. The only solution to such conditions is to take ones out life.

1-The role of chiefs (traditional Justice System) in family matters has to be followed.
2-Victim support unit section in the Police Service has to be abolished with immediate effect. It is this section which is promoting unruly behavior by wives in the families. Husbands are treated badly and are even locked in cells because of family matters. At the end of the day, these wives are free to find other husbands including policemen.

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