Thursday, 17 November 2011


Evidence has shown that black people were the first people to brew beer about 4000bc. They believed that God helps them in the beer making process and a gift from Him.”From man’s sweat and God’s love, beer came into the world’. They believed that God descents into the pot of beer and start to ferment to form beer. This is significant .Beer was responsible for civilization because it is a communal substance (beverage).Beer drinking during Religious Ceremonies to achieve heightened states of consciousness,
 In the same way likes usage of psychotropic plants and mushrooms. In that state one can communicated to God or ancestral spirits .Therefore, without beer communication with God is cut off. Today, we have noted that God was listening to our forefathers because they were using and drinking God’s given beverage (BEER) during religious ceremonies. No wonder that God is unable to listen and help us because we have been deceived that beer taking is evil by these foreign religions. It is a proof that these religions are here to destroy us because a society cannot survive without communicating to the ancestral spirits and God. They stop us brewing and drinking beer to enable their relatives to find market place for their beer to be sold here and to cut us off from God and our ancestral spirits. Thus, we are suffering.
Prepared by
Bishop Mlalazi


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