Tuesday, 5 May 2015



"It's painful to me when I look at this country that our forefathers and thousands of our people fought for, become a criminal den. There is nothing more painful to me. I don't sleep thinking about these things. Thats, what kind of people God has placed me amongst, who don't listen. I often ask myself if this is the freedom that King Cetshwayo and Mamonga, who was honoured when the ANC was formed in 1912? Is this the freedom? I'm talking about something that was written down. Don't think I talking politics. I'm not talking politics, no. I'm merely reciting history. I'm not politicising, but King Dinuzulu and King Cetshwayo were imprisoned for their fight for the freedom which the people received in 1994. But in 2015, we are talking about South Africans as people who don't want to listen, who don't want to work, who are thieves, who rape children, house breakers, lazy people who don't want to work the land. They are people when if other nations look at them will say let's go and eat the inheritance of the stupid people. As I'm talking to you now, there are all sorts of things hanging outside the stores. They brought untidiness to our streets, it's filthy. You can't even see what these stores were...foreigne??rs in these areas. I know sometimes it's difficult for politicians to speak out against these things because bad doers become voters after five years. Leaders, forgive me but in this situation, I must speak. As someone who doesn't have to wait five years...as Zulu King... a nation that is respected world-wide because of its role in the fight for the liberation of Africa, I won't keep quiet when people who have no say are playing with this country. The time is now for us to have a say. I would like to ask the South African government to help us. We must deal with our own lice. In our heads, let's take out the ants and leave them in the sun. We ask that immigrants must take their bags and go where they come from.
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