Saturday, 15 December 2012


Once upon a time the Jackal and the Hare were great friends.One day both cooked a delicious relish of pigeon peas mixed with strong flavor.  Tomato spice,Carrie and hot sauce were mixed.The surrounding villages were subdued with this attractive smell that made them salivate.Because of grid Kalulu wanted to eat that Relish alone without the Jackal.He devised a trick.He sought permission from the Jackal  open the bowels in the nearby bush because he was suffering from diarrhea.He advised the Jackal not to start eating before he comes.Kalulu dashed into the bush and went to the nearby river and  removed his skin.Kalulu had turned into a red animal with flesh blood, dripping .It was the zombie.The zombies went straight to where the pot was which was being guarded by the Jackal.Seeing the zombie ,the Jackal ran away leaving being the pot of relish.The zombie ate all the relish.The Jackal sougt help from Kalulu but he did not come on time.After the Zombie had finished eating, it went back into the bush from where it came from.It went at the spot where the the skin was submerged into the water.Kalulu wore the skin and changed into original Kalulu.He went to where the pot of relish was .He found out that the relish had been eaten.He asked the Jackal what had happened,he narrated all the story.Kalulu advized the Jackal that next time he should be given a bow and arrows .But Kalulu made a dip groove at the center of the wooden bow.He advised the Jackal to pull the bow with all the force ,enough to kill the zombie.After the had finished cooking the second phase of the relish ,as usual Kalulu begged an excuse to open the bowels again .He went to the river ,skinned himself,put the skin into the water.The zombie went straight to the pot.The guarding Jackal saw the zombie.He pulled the bow,aimed at it.Unfortunately the force was too strong.The bow was broken at the spot where Kalulu had made the groove.In fear the Jackal had ran away into the bush. The zombie followed him.It ate the whole relish for the second time.It went into the bush ,and river.He put own the skin .Kalulu went to where the relish pot was.He found out that the Jackal was trembling with fear and hunger.The bow was broken.                                        Do you know what happened in the end :Send your answers 
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By Bishop G Mlalazi in owner of the great,great native authors which was being recounted to us by my mother who is in 70s but live and kicking. If you master this wisdon and sense of judgement will be injected into your heart and mind.
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