Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Gunya:   Now that it has been discovered that there is no war taking place between God and Satan as other deceivers have made us believe between spirituals,what should people do?Should they continue going to Churches or mosques or not?

Bishop G. Mlalazi:        People should love and help each other throwing away the notion that there is spiritual hatred in the spiritual world.It is a total lie that there is  a war. In fact there is peace between God and Satan.The wars and hatred humans are indulging  themselves are emanating from humans themselves.Humans use God and Satan as scapegoats.If we understand this basis human weakness ,then ,global and harmony will be achieved.  We are involved in  proxy hatred and war without basis.We have to reset ourselves to our original way of live.  The deceivers,rumor mongers propagate such unfounded lies in order to inject fear so that they obtain money through extortion and deceit .And eventually humans should  rise against each other.It is  carefully designed to create an uprising that the society should destroy itself.Self destructive.Wake up .Stop this madness.

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by Bishop G. Mlalazi
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